Is Accidental Death Rider Important for Your Life Insurance Plan?

Life is not always nice and pleasant and sometime hits us with tragic events. The death of a dear family member has a deep impact on his colleague, friends and relatives. Besides emotional trauma, the loss of person may also have negative consequences on the budget of the family.

Senior Couple on Computer - VerticalLosing an important source of income definitely reduces the buy power of a family and its capacity to pay all the bills.  In order to avoid that, it is recommended to purchase life insurance and if possible, add some riders. Even an accidental death rider is important for your life insurance plan. But first, search for low cost life insurance quotes.

Accidents are unpredictable and often they have fatal consequences. We do not like to think about this that much, but sometimes we consider this unpleasant possibility and seek proper means of protection. If you are purchasing life insurance, make sure to add a accidental death rider.

This rider pays increased death benefits if the insured dies as a result of an accident. In most cases, the policy pays twice the amount of death benefits and this rider is also known as “double indemnity rider”.

Insurance riders, like accidental death rider, make a policy more effective and extend coverage and death benefits. The only con is that adding those riders will make the premiums a bit more expensive. It is not recommended to have too many riders, just 2 or 3 that you consider more important and suitable for your goals.

Before adding them, talk with your insurer and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. For example, accidental death rider does not pay off increased benefits if you die in an accident caused by practicing a dangerous sport. There are some exceptions and you must be aware of them.

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